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Your Brain’s Silent Killers…

Also, what sweetener is one of the worst for you & why.

The Krush WAR on SUGAR Rages on with Dr. David Perlmutter, the author of  the “Grain Brain”

We take a look at the surprising truth about Wheat, Carbs & Sugars – Your Brain’s Silent Killers.

On this episode of Krush Performance Radio I talk with Dr. Perlmutter about brain health, diet and his best selling book the “Grain Brain”.
Dr. Permutter has been featured on CNN, CBS, PBS, 20/20 and Oprah, and this week he joins the Krush WAR on SUGAR. Listen Here on Radio Influence & iTunes

We’ll look at the largest mistakes made in food history: the 1992 government recommendations to limit fat in our diets and increase carbohydrate intake and the devastatingly incorrect approach to cholesterol in our diets.

Also, exercise is critically important to your health but it has massive implications in your long term brain health as well – find out what type of exercise is best for your brain.

Enjoy this MUST LISTEN – WAR on SUGAR episode of Krush Performance with Dr. David Perlmutter as we look at what you need to know to protect your Brain and your Health.

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