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Why are 7 of 10 kids dropping out of sport?

May 23/ 2017/

This week on Krush Performance we take a serious look at some of the issues facing Developmental Sport.

But first we look at the dangers of Caffeine as a 16 year old high school student in South Carolina passes away from heart complication associated with caffeine consumption.

Davis Allen Passed away after consuming a large Mountain Dew, a McDonalds Latte and an energy drink in a two hour period.
He had no pre existing conditions.
Let’s talk to our kids about caffeine, where it comes from and the issues of consuming too much.

And, there some major concerns as 7 of 10 kids are dropping out of organized sport by the age of 13.
We are joined by John O’Sullivan, Founder and CEO of Changing the Game Project to look at the issues they are seeing in developmental sport and to discuss:

1) The all important rolls of parents and coaches
2) Coaching & coaching development
3) The top reasons why Kids are dropping out of Sport
4) And more importantly the top reasons why they play in the first place…winning by the way didn’t even crack the top 10!

It’s an important episode of Krush Performance as we dive deep into the issues facing developmental sport Right here on Radio Influence.

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Are You Only As Good As You Think

May 08/ 2017/

It’s the time of year I like to check in with the “Coach of Champions,” Jim Fannin.

I called Jim to get his insights on The Masters and Sergio Garcia but our conversation went well beyond golf and turned into something that neither Jim nor I expected. It may be one of the most powerful performance conversations we have ever had on the show.

I’m going to ask a favor. Please pass this on.
If you are a parent, pass this episode on to family and other parents on your kid’s teams.
If you are a coach, share this conversation with the other coaches in your organization.
If you are a teacher, forward it to the other teachers in your school. For that matter, your entire school district.
If you own a business or manage people, pass this on to your entire leadership team and employees.
If you are an athlete, take some time to listen to this conversation. Get a notebook, take some notes. This will change your life.

There is so much great information in this conversation about strategies on how you can improve your performance, thoughts on how you can make the people around you better, and some powerful advice for parents on how to support and nurture confidence and self esteem in your children.

It’s a must listen episode of Krush Performance.
I can’t wait for you to hear it.

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As always, thanks for listening!


Join Jeff as he interviews Dr Yoni Freedhoff; The Diet Fix: Why Diets Fail and How to Make Yours Work

Oct 29/ 2014/

Collectively we have cut fat consumption by a third since the mid 70’s, the number of workout centers have tripled in the last 10yrs – yet obesity and overweight has doubled and tripled in the mean time and the number of new fad diets is out of control: low carb – no carb – high protein – no protein -no fat -beach -paelo – vegan…..

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The deal is diets don’t work! In fact stats have shown that 90% of all diets fail yet right now the diet industry takes in about $60 Billion per year in North America alone!
Make no mistake the Big Food industry is in it to make money – fast food, junk food, the supplement industry. It’s crazy to think the stress on the health care dollar is reaching a breaking point.
In fact health issues due to overweight and obesity have taken over from smoking as the number 1 preventable cause of death…SCARY.

We ask the question which is more effective for modifying weight – diet or exercise?
Answer: Of your modifiable weight it’s 80% Diet, 20% Exercise

If you are an athlete, parent, coach or someone conscious about the food you and your family eat, I strongly suggest you follow Dr. Freedhoff’s blog WeightyMatters.ca
One of my favourite posts of his – Juice is not a *#@> fruit!

Join us to listen to Yoni Freedhoff, he is not afraid to call a spade a spade. and that is why we like him!