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The National Football League’s Big Data Debate

Jul 12/ 2017/

Is there a dark side to collecting personal data in sport?

Wearable technology has advanced very fast in a very short time and the information we are now able to access and record is mind boggling. In sport, it is typically used to help monitor a players health and state of readiness and recovery but could this very same data be used against the player?
Who owns the data? What is the value of this data? Is it for sale?

We talk with Sports Illustrated reporter and researcher Tom Taylor about his latest article, “Football’s Next Frontier – The Battle Over Big Data.”
The NFLPA has signed a 5 year deal with technology company Whoop and what they are planning to do with the data is very interesting!

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AIU- Ground Breaking Development in Sport with David Howman

Jul 12/ 2017/

The IAAF needed to do something bold to reset and regain the public trust and it has done so becoming the first international sporting organization to delegate complete authority for the management of it’s integrity programs to an independent body, the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU).

The AIU will be responsible for over seeing anti doping, bribery & match fixing, age manipulation and other areas including athlete education all in an attempt to combat threats to the integrity of the sport.

This week, we are joined by the AIU Chair, David Howman, to get an inside look at this ground breaking move. We discuss what it may mean for the future of athletics and the impact it may have on sport in general.

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Join Jeff as he interviews Dr Yoni Freedhoff; The Diet Fix: Why Diets Fail and How to Make Yours Work

Oct 29/ 2014/

Collectively we have cut fat consumption by a third since the mid 70’s, the number of workout centers have tripled in the last 10yrs – yet obesity and overweight has doubled and tripled in the mean time and the number of new fad diets is out of control: low carb – no carb – high protein – no protein -no fat -beach -paelo – vegan…..

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The deal is diets don’t work! In fact stats have shown that 90% of all diets fail yet right now the diet industry takes in about $60 Billion per year in North America alone!
Make no mistake the Big Food industry is in it to make money – fast food, junk food, the supplement industry. It’s crazy to think the stress on the health care dollar is reaching a breaking point.
In fact health issues due to overweight and obesity have taken over from smoking as the number 1 preventable cause of death…SCARY.

We ask the question which is more effective for modifying weight – diet or exercise?
Answer: Of your modifiable weight it’s 80% Diet, 20% Exercise

If you are an athlete, parent, coach or someone conscious about the food you and your family eat, I strongly suggest you follow Dr. Freedhoff’s blog WeightyMatters.ca
One of my favourite posts of his – Juice is not a *#@> fruit!

Join us to listen to Yoni Freedhoff, he is not afraid to call a spade a spade. and that is why we like him!