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Why Diets Fail and How to make yours Work

In a recent conversation with Dr. Yoni Freedhoff we talked about his new Book The Diet Fix – Why Diets Fail and How to make Yours Work.
We have included the LINK BELOW to this enlightening interview.

With about 2/3rds of the population dealing with weight management issues you would think we’d have it all figured out especially when you consider that diet and weight related diseases have taken over from smoking as the number one preventable causes of death.

But it’s not for lack of effort, it was recently shown that of people with significant weight issues 60% have tried to lose weight more than 6 times and of those who have tried more than 6 times 34% of those have tried 20 or more times and 66% have lost count….
The fact is Diets don’t work…according to Dr. Freedhoff 90% of all diets fail.
Which is very concerning when you consider that the North American weight loss industry generates over 60 billion dollars a year …..

So what can you do?
First exercise regularly. It’s a critical component for over all health but when it comes to making a difference in your weight, exercise is a distant second to diet choices.
Know that exercise can only influence 20% of your over all modifiable weight where your diet and daily diet choices influence the other 80%

Here are a few tips to help you succeed with diet challenges

  • Eating regularly – every 2-3.5 hours
  • This includes controlling portion sizes
  • Eat a good Breakfast within 60 minutes of waking up
  • Include protein in your snacks and meals
  • And don’t be afraid of a cookie – completely cutting out foods you enjoy is one of the quickest ways to diet failure
  • It’s a really good idea to meet with a nutritionist to get started one the right foot
  • And you might want to Pick up Dr. Freedhoff’s book “ The Diet Fix” it’s one of the best Weight Management recourses we’ve ever come across.

Nutrition is one of the top priorities if you are working to be a top performer or wanting to be at your best.
Remember this, if you map out a daily plan and stick with it you will never make more than a 24 hour mistake.

Enjoy the Dr.Yoni Freedhoff interview.

Have you learned any diet tricks in the past you can share with the Krush Community. Leave a comment below.