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War on Sugar: Switch the Brain Switch the Game

Debunking the Belief: A Calorie is a Calorie

We Dismiss the Old Way of Thinking – all calories are not created equal!

Join Jeff Krushell in this episode’s War on Sugar as he looks to crack the mysteries surrounding our understanding of food & how it works in the human body.
Dr. Allen, Chief of Biomedical Research at the Glycemic Research Institute and the Director of Clinical Research for Glycemic Research Laboratories, joins me to debunk some of our beliefs regarding calories and how the food we eat actually affect our body.

What is the most fattening sugar in our foods? Find out in this episode of Krush Performance
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We introduce the New Way you need to be thinking – Switch the Brain Switch the Game – as we need to understand how food affects the brain and our hormones.

We also look back at what we have learned about the devastating impact sugar and high glycemic diets are having on our health and performance.

Why is Black coffee bad?
How can diet sodas make you fat?
The huge downside of Artificial sweeteners.
What we need to do to save our kids – it starts first thing in the morning.

Don’t miss this show!
This is a no BS episode as we kick off the Krush 2017 War on Sugar.
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You need to know High Glycemic Carbs & Sugars are directly linked to cancer!
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