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Talent ID: A Massive Shift in Evaluating Talent

Talent, Mindset, Grit, Perseverance & Character…

these are all very important concepts in the competitive world of business and sport.

It is so important that we are now seeing a massive shift in the process of talent procurement away from pure talent and skill to psychometrics – the science of measuring mental processes.

In fact organizations and teams are now hiring so called “Character Coaches” to help them breakdown and evaluate potential candidates in order to get the right people and players on their teams.
We are seeing it in the National Football League, Major League Baseball and a number of other major sports where money and performance go hand in hand.

Talent and skill are no longer the simple currency in high performance sport or business. Leadership, aggressiveness, grit, perseverance and other traits that were formerly referred to as “the intangibles” are now very tangible and will forever more impact the process of talent identification.

As we gain a deeper understanding of Character and develop methods to evaluate, train and develop this aspect of personal performance the tides are changing when it comes to selecting “talent”.

In sport, for example, though we continually search for better and more effective methods for improving the performance of our athletes, the greatest opportunities for pushing the limits of human performance lie not in the physical training of faster, higher and stronger but in the areas of technology and more so the mind.

So as you plan your training and look to your future with excitement and anticipation remember to pay attention to your psychometrics they will be in the spot light as the recruiters and scouts come in search of your talents.

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