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Talent Development. Here’s to the Process…

What does it really take?

Talent Development is a process and it takes time.

There are many who dispute Ericsson’s 10,000 hour rule tagging it as too much of a generalization. And, though that may be true, you’ll find at the heart of any serious talent development program that there is one factor that resigns supreme…TIME!

And any program that does not supply individuals ample time in the process of talent development…..

Some Talent shows early.
Some Talent shows late.
Some on schedule.

Whatever the case maybe, early, late or on schedule, there are no guarantees in the world of high performance as to when high performance talent will show itself. If ever.

We know that the majority of top performers across the board – be it sport, music, academics, science, chess….whatever the arena of battle may be – were late developers. Meaning they showed no signs of high performance prowess through the early developmental years. They fought it out being average or even below average but persistent, gritty and maybe even having some fun along the way.

And those that did show promise in the early years, the young protégés & phenoms, the best of the best and the next great talents, well, the majority fade away into the rat race and grind of everyday life. (A conversation for another day….and that day is coming trust me).

Once and awhile though you hear of a story and it provides perspective, encouragement, hope, even that “the process” can & does work.

I want to congratulate the Pittsburgh Pirates for being one of those true Talent Development Programs that provides TIME for their athletes to grow & develop.

And I want to wish Gift Ngoepe all the best this spring as he arrives on the door step to the Big Leagues.
There are no Guarantees but it seems only a short time ago when we first met Gift on the field of his first MLB elite camp in Europe years & years ago.

Check out this article on MLB.com about Gift Ngoepe and his journey with The Pirates: http://goo.gl/oLFop5

Here’s to The Process, To The Pirates and to Gift.

One Step Closer to the Big Leagues
Let the games begin…