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Sport Match Fixing – How Deep Does is Run…

Organized Crime & Sport… Wow! It is an interesting time in sport.

The entire Russian Athletic Federation is banned from competition & will possibly miss the upcoming Olympics. Unbelievable! What were they thinking!
MLB hands down, its first life time ban for Performance Enhancing Drug Use.
And rumors of Match Fixing are re-surfacing but not centered on Football/Soccer but Tennis.

A few years back amid the corruption and match fixing scandals in professional soccer and the accusations of potential match fixing in other sports, I got fed up!!

So I set out to dig a little deeper to find out:

  • If it is true & if so, how much fixing is going on?
  • If it is true and it is happening, how far down does it really go or how far up – could it reach the top levels of professional sport?
  • If it is happening, who’s masterminding this whole thing and how in the hell are they making it happen!?

So, I decided to go to the best source I could think of, a former Mafia Boss.

This crime boss masterminded brilliant scams from auto dealerships to union kickbacks and financial services and a multi-billion dollar gasoline tax scheme. He was earning millions in cash every week and a big part of his business in his prime were profitable scams in the sports and entertainment industries.

I tracked down former Mafia boss Michael Franzese to ask him how organized crime engaged in illegal sporting scams and what we got was a whole lot more.

Check out my conversation with Michael, it is mind blowing!

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Jeff Krushell