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Performance, Preparation & Planning

Plan Your Training

Spring is upon us once again and we are all fired up to start training for our summer sport?

If you prepare properly you’ll not only improve your performance you can drastically reduce your risk of injury also.

But, we have a tendency to cram all of our preparation work into very tight time lines. Not only is this less effective for performance but it can also increase risk of injury.


The best way to plan out training and preparation programs is to reverse engineer your schedule from your important dates to where you are right now.

A great example:
Take the date of your tryout or first practice or competition and work backward right to the day you start your training. This allows you to plan out your progressive training and preparation strategy and get the most out of the time you have.

It starts with a strong consideration of the rest and recovery time available in your training plan.

I build all of our programs around the amount of rest you can get in any given day, week and month. Your rest will determine the volume and intensity of your work.

5 Tips for the Most Effective Training

1. Take the date you need to be ready and nail it down:
2. How many months or weeks you have to get ready.
3. How many days a week you can train & practice.
4. How much time you have each day.
5. What you plan to do at each training session.

Once you have your schedule laid out you can then fill in the details.

Identify the Time Allotted for:

  • strength and conditioning
  • skill development
  •         technical & tactical work
  •         finally competition.

Then fill in the details of exercises and drills that you are going to complete each day.

Here are some general tips to get you started:

  • I like at least 10 weeks for a preparation program (more for elite & pro athletes), 6-8 weeks is a tight timeline!
  • Get with a certified personal trainer or strength and conditioning coach – find the right person. This may be the best investment you ever make
  • Address the athlete before the player
    -Work on general conditioning and build toward sport specific training
  • Nutrition is King
    – As you plan your training schedule work in a plan for daily feedings
    – Hydrate- the goal of our athletes is to never get thirsty – drink accordingly
  • Be Progressive
    – A general rule is never increase training by 10% per week
  • Vary your Training
    – Over the course of your week vary your workloads- volume and intensity
    – A simple plan of setting hard – medium and light days can be very effective
    – Cross Train, mix it up and focus your work specifically as you get closer to competition

This is a very simple and effective way to map out your preparation for the upcoming season. Reverse Engineer your time. It seems very straight forward at a glance but all too many athletes and coaches underestimate this type of an approach to athlete management.

Give it a try you will be happy you did.

Twitter: @jeffkrush