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Taking October by Storm

October has been a huge month for us! Here is a quick recap with some key info you need to implement NOW!

It has been a Jam Packed October on Krush Performance Radio as we work to spread the good word and keep you on the cutting edge of top performance. From kicking off the hockey season to new facts in the War on Sugar to talking about managing change – there are lessons to be learned and practical tips ripe for the picking!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year: Fall Sport & the NHL

We started the month Talking Fall Sport and asking the question; “Is the Fall the best time of year?” For me it really is my favorite time of year. The Con Man and I set up the NHL, teams, players & storylines to watch (hint, we are watching John Tavares and applauding Connor McDavid – the new face of the NHL?). We look back on a very interesting MLB season and I talk athlete development and my incredible sport performance & player development trip to New Zealand, where I watched the next generation of top Rugby players train. Here is what you can learn from the team culture of The All Blacks.

Sorry Halloween, We Have a War on Sugar to Fight

The #KrushWARonSUGAR Rages on! We chatted with Krush Favorite Dr. Ann de Wees Allen, Chief of Biomedical Research with the Glycemic Research Institute, about our new understanding of how our bodies really work when it comes to the food we eat. We eat 110-170 pounds worth of sugar every year – and we are paying the price! Diabetes, Alzheimers, cancer, childhood obesity – a huge price tag for a sweet tooth.

We talk Burnable carbs, targeted nutrition and No, once again, a Calorie is NOT a calorie.

Making Coco: The Grant Fhur Story & Injury Management & Return to Play

To get insights as to what makes a great performer tick is always important and once in a while, we get a glimpse into the life of a Top Performer, as we talk with Shane Fennessey, co-producer of “Making Coco: The Grant Fuhr Story.” Grant Fuhr was the first black superstar in hockey. He transformed the position of goaltender winning 403 regular season games, 5 Stanley Cups, and is in the Hockey Hall of Fame. It’s an incredible career on the ice, a fall from grace, and a return to the spotlight for redemption. We get a look at this incredible story and the making of the film.

Also, on the athlete performance side, some of the greatest minds in sport medicine are gathering in Edmonton, Alberta for the 5th annual David C. Reid / Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic Conference to discuss issues of the lower limb. We are joined by Enda King, physiotherapist and Head of Performance Rehabilitation at the Sports Surgery Clinic, Ireland. We talk with Enda about injury prevention, rehabilitation and making the right return to play decisions, at the right time.

The Wind of Change

We look at the NBA Krush Style, to nail down which teams we are watching and why, which players we are following and the storylines in the league. There is plenty to learn from professional sport and there are some very intriguing things happening in the Association this year.

Dealing with change can be very difficult and I hope this episode helps out as many people as possible, it was an important conversation for me personally as I have been dealing with some major challenges and transitions myself. Also, everyone will have to deal with change and/or transition at some point in life. Some changes are planned like going to college, marriage, applying for a new job while others are forced or come as a surprise, such as an injury, the passing of family or friends, or getting let go from a job. We talked with Krush Favorite Jim Fannin, “America’s Zone Coach” to talk about strategies for dealing with change and transition.