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Never Let A Minor Injury Become a Major Injury

We all know that in sport performance the number one objective is the Sport Outcome…

the win, the loss, the time, the weight, the distance – the best performance possible at any given time.

Doing your best at whatever it is you are doing & doing your best against any adversary who dares stand in your way.

It could be:
Time – racing against a personal best
Environment – climbing a mountain or running the Death Race
Competition – a individual rival or a rival team

Or it could be a combination of any or all of the above.

But as you plan and work towards your best possible sport outcome there are other factors that you need to consider as you plot that course to Sporting Greatness – whatever that means to you personally and it is different for everyone.

In YOUR program, start by getting a really good idea of where you are at in relationship to what you want to do.

You may look at your past performances or at what your competition is doing. You may also get feedback from coaches, team-mates or scouts. However you do it, put together a rock solid perspective of where you are currently at so you can lay out an effective plan for moving forward.

Then get after it, with your performance outcome in mind: a personal best, the hall of fame, going 4 for 4, a goal & an assist…whatever.

But remember this, the number one reason Top Performers never reach their potential is Injury.
Nagging recurring injuries that never go away, critical lost time due to injury or the dreaded career ending injury.

When we plan out a performance program the performance outcome is the #1 Goal & Objective but within the program Injury Prevention is King!!!

Here are a couple of injury mandates from the Krush Performance Manual of Top Sport Performance:

1. Never let a Minor Injury become a Major Injury. Don’t get carried away and lose sleep over every little bump, bruise, ache or pain but you had better know the difference between playing hurt & playing injured. Bottom line – if you are unsure get it checked out!!!

2. The 90sec Rule – Now this is not the Jim Fannin 90sec Rule for resetting performance (which is awesome by the way – check out our Jan. 7th podcast with Jim on Krush Radio: http://krushperformance.com/krush-radio/)
No, this is the Krush Performance 90sec Suck It Up Rule – I say this lightly as ANY injury is a serious situation for an athlete but we don’t have time to waste feeling, lost, confused, sad, depressed, mad or distracted so, you get 90 seconds. 90 seconds to feel lost, confused, sad, depressed, mad or distracted & then we
GET AFTER IT!!!!!!!! We aggressively hit the road to recovery with the goal of returning to play better than we were prior to the injury – This may sound harsh but trust me it has not only saved careers it has totally re-established careers.

3. Don’t Just Play – Prepare: In most sports the game takes away more than it gives back. So prepare around the game, skill development, strength and conditioning, injury prevention, mental, visual training. At every level of sport the athlete experience is TOTALLY dependent on your level of readiness. From the youngest athlete right up to our pro and Olympic athletes your readiness for the demands of your sport will ultimately determine your progress. And in this peak by Friday compete until you drop sport culture we are living in we are really missing the boat. If all you do is play there is little or no chance of serious progress.

So seize the day – prepare yourself for your sport _ Get yourself ready – take aim at your goals and objectives and go get it done.

Remember, Greatness is Up For Grabs.