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Krush “Stuff your Stocking” Gifts-2014 Give Away

Be sure you get in the mix for the Krush “Stuff Your Stocking Giveaway”.
Find out how You can win a prize pack!

We have great stuff this year. You can keep it for yourself (I would) from us to you or you can re-gift, we have no problem with that at all, we are happy to help you cross that person off your list one gift at a time.

Here are the ways to get in on the action this year to WIN a Prize Pack.
A total of 3 Winners

1. Follow us on Twitter: @JeffKrush and Tweet “Stuff My Stocking”. We’ll be picking one “Stuff My Stocking” tweet as a winner.

2. Go to our Website & Sign up for Top Performance Tips: www.krushperformance.com 

3. Listen Live to Krush Performance and listen for the que to Text in “Stuff My Stocking”on Dec 17, Wednesday 6-7 p.m. We’ll be picking one winner from the Wednesday show Text Pool to win the first gift pack.

On Wednesdays Show – December 17th from 6-7 p.m, we will randomly pick a winner from our Stuff Your Stocking Text Pool and announce the winner at the end of the show. Then on Saturday,  December 20th from 4-5 p.m, on our second Live Stuff My Stocking Gift show, we will randomly select our last two winners, 1 “Stuff My Stocking” Tweet and 1 New Sign Up from our Krush Performance website.

Note:  We will respond to the winners after each show to let you know what you have won, at which time we will request your contact information to collect your prizes. For the out-of-towners, we will work out the details to have your prizes mailed.  No guarantees of delivery by Christmas though…sorry!

Special Thanks to what I like to call the North Pole South, United Cycle for being such a great supporter of the Krush Performance Show, the “Stuff Your Stocking” Giveaway and Sport in General.
Many of the Krush Performance “Stuff Your Stocking” Giveaway Items are available at United Cycle plus more cool stuff than we could ever cover. United Cycle truly is a wonderland of sport magic.
United Cycle s
So again we’ll be Stuffing 3 Stockings this year. Here are some of the items we may stuff into your stocking….

1. TRX – Value $200


TRX Suspension Trainer: The TRX actually ranks very high on my gift list this year. In fact, if the list were based purely on function and application to sport performance and athlete development the TRX may very well rank #1. So, if you have an athlete on your list who is in training, traveling a lot or someone who just likes to bust it out, the TRX may be the perfect gift. Plus it has a very high “cool factor” as its origin is very closely tied with the Navy Seals.

2. Go Pro Pack – Value $600


Go Pro4
GoPro Hero 4
Chest Mount
Grenade Grip
Jaws Flex Clamp

My Number one gift for the athlete this season : The Go Pro Hero:

Be a Hero and seriously consider this as one of your gift ideas for the athlete on your list this season. There are a number of models to choose from and they all have a very high “cool factor” but check out the GoPro Hero 4…just when I thought this Go Pro was as cool as possible they just find a way to get cooler. You get some great shots and movies (just go to YouTube and see what being posted off of the Go Pro) but we have been using the Go Pro for some of our video training sessions with our athletes. So not only does the Go Pro have very high ranking on the old Fun-o-Meter any kid can make a action movie that would make even Warren Miller proud but it can be used as a great tool for training and getting a good look at yourself during a training session. The Go Pro Camera my #1 gift for the athlete this season!

3. Trigger Point Foam Roller or Tiger Stick – Value $55

Trigger Point foam roller       Tiger stick 2
You might not think of a Foam Roller or Tiger Stick as a gift idea but if you have an athlete on your list anything that will promote recovery will get top rankings as a great gift and not only with the athletes. When it comes to sport recovery it’s king; and massage is one of the more powerful tools used to get athletes back on track. Whether it’s for warm-up, cool down, injury prevention, rehabilitation or just pure enjoyment the rollers will be appreciated by any athlete or weekend warrior.

4. Ski Helmet –  Pret LUXE Women’s Snow Helmet – Value $130

The gift of protection and piece of mind, a helmet, may be one of the most valuable gifts you can give this holiday season. Knowing what we do about head injuries and concussions and with the advancements in protection technology from the helmet companies the gift of a quality helmet for your action athlete is a gift that keeps on giving – not just for your athlete but for you as well.

5. Baseball Bat – Value $350

Easton Baseball Bats
Baseball player in the family?? With Baseball battling to re-establish its Olympic, status support the dream with the gift of equipment. Hitting a round ball with a round bat is arguably one of the most difficult things to do in sport. For your young player Easton is working to make the game easier with the Mako Pee Wee Bat.

6. Garmin Forerunner 620 – Value $500

The Forerunner 620 is like having a coach on your wrist – you get real time feedback on ground contact – cadence – vertical oscillation – recovery strategies and even VO2Max estimates. If you want to improve the quality of your training, the Garmin Forerunner is on the Forefront of GPS and interactive training technology a great gift for any athlete on your list.

7. 3 Visual Training – Baseline Screening Session- Value $100 each

Visual training is in its infancy in sport but regardless of what your game is visual training is going to be a major component of athlete development in the very near future. For the athlete, concussion baseline testing, is important to find out where your baseline is at and where it may be able to go. On the vision side improved reaction time, increased brain processing speeds, improved use of your field of vision, better spacial awareness and reduced risk of injury are only some of the benefits of this powerful area of training. Check for programs in your area and be sure the technicians are certified in the devises they are using. A lot of facilities throw up these advanced visual programs when they do not really know how to use them. For an example of a great visual training program check out Zone Performance in the Edmonton area: http://zoneperformance.ca/

8. Sherwood Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep: Lube, Oil & Filter Change and Detail – Value $250


Sherwood Dodge

9. 3 Pairs of Lift Passes from Marmot Basin – Value $171.00 each



10. 3D Biomechanical Gait Analysis – Value $200


Physical Assessment & Treatment Plan from the Running Injury Clinic at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic: For the runner on your list I have to say one of the more impressive programs out there is the 3D Gait Analysis. The experts from the Running Injury Clinic at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic are really onto something here, you just have to look at their results to see how great this can be for dedicated runners. We have a Physical Assessment & Treatment Plan from the Running Injury Clinic at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic for the runner on your list – injury prevention might be one of the greatest gifts an athlete will ever receive!!

11. Massage – Value $85


For recovery and regeneration or pure relaxation the gift of a massage will be cherished by anyone on your gift list compliments of the expert therapists at the Glen Sather Sports Medicine Clinic:

12. 3 Spectrum Rent-All Gift Certificate – Value $100 each


Spectrum Rental All
Why buy a tool you’ll only use once or twice when you can rent for a fraction of the price? High performance tools for all of your projects, get the right tool and keep your project on time. Right Tool – Right Price – Right Now

13. 3 Line-X Protetcive Coatings Gift Certificate – Value $75.00 each


Line-X protective coatings use the highest quality and most reliable materials available. Rated number one in customer satisfaction with more than 2 million trucks protected.  Line-X spray on bed-liners won’t tear or rip like softer spray on liners, and it won’t trap moisture like most plastic drop-in liners. Line-X was the first to develop a bomb blast coating tested by the Army and Air Force. You know you get Top Quality! You want protection for your vehicle – you’ll get it with Line-X.

This is our favorite time of year and we just love giving it all away so thanks for taking part in the Krush Stuff Your Stocking Giveaway and thanks for tuning in to Krush Performance in 2014. We are looking forward to 2015 as we dedicate the entire year to investigating the secrets of attaining top performance no matter what your goals might be.

Happy Holidays and all the Best in the New Year.
From the Krush Performance Team.