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What does it take to build a Successful Organization

It’s been said good organizations don’t find ways to win they know how to win.

We all know of the great franchises and organizations in sport or business steeped with histories of winning and success. We could talk about businesses like Wells Fargo, Microsoft, Chase Morgan or Google and in sport great franchises like the Celtics, the Atlanta Braves, the Patriots, Canadians or Red Wings.

But success doesn’t just happen; great organizations are built from the top down.

Great Ownership, Great Administration, Great Management or Great Coaching and not just Great Players or Employees but the Right Players and Employees. And the Right attitude and mindset are everything.

In order for an organization to be Great, winning should be the result of the culture NOT the Purpose –

The Purpose of a winning culture is to create success.

In the Sporting world the ability of a team or organization to create success falls greatly on the senior management team namely the General Manager and then the Head Coach.

The great coaches of our time have built winning cultures on platforms based on honesty, consistency, well defined expectations and accountability.

John Wooden, Vince Lombardi, Scotty Bowman and Tony La Russa are a few examples of great coaches with uncanny talents to empower their players to take ownership of their actions and ultimately their teams.

Winning cultures it turns out rely more on having the right people than anything else.

Listen here to our Krush Podcast – Creating a Winning Culture 

Perhaps the Late Harvey Dorfman said it best: “It doesn’t matter where you go in sport it just matters who you take with you”.


P.S. Have you worked or played in a winning culture. Tell us about it I would love to hear thoughts.