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Why are 7 of 10 kids dropping out of sport?

Also- The Dangers of Caffeine in Kids
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This week on Krush Performance we take a serious look at some of the issues facing Developmental Sport.

But first we look at the dangers of Caffeine as a 16 year old high school student in South Carolina passes away from heart complication associated with caffeine consumption.

Davis Allen Passed away after consuming a large Mountain Dew, a McDonalds Latte and an energy drink in a two hour period.
He had no pre existing conditions.
Let’s talk to our kids about caffeine – where it comes from & the issues of consuming too much.
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And, there some major concerns as 7 of 10 kids are dropping out of organized sport by the age of 13.
We are joined by John O’Sullivan, Founder and CEO of Changing the Game Project to look at the issues they are seeing in developmental sport and to discuss:

1) The all important rolls of parents and coaches
2) Coaching & coaching development
3) The top reasons why Kids are dropping out of Sport
4) And more importantly the top reasons why kids play in the first place…winning by the way didn’t even crack the top 10!

It’s an important episode of Krush Performance as we dive deep into the issues facing developmental sport.

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