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Those things that exist behind the curtain

Exactly how important are the Intangible Performance Traits in Predicting Future Success?

I have had some very interesting conversations lately regarding player development, scouting and talent identification.
And it is interesting how this conversation always seems to drift towards the intangible performance traits an individual either possesses or does not posses.

We are seeing a growing trend among professional teams & organizations, even businesses where the importance of the intangibles can precede the importance of skill and talent when it comes to player selections and predicting future success.

In fact there is now as much work going into back ground checks (not just the criminal kind) as there are going into skill evaluation. And there are times when, yes, the value of a person’s intangible traits precede their skill level as teams and organizations try to decide if an athlete, student or employee is a right fit for their organization.

When we are looking to identify & evaluate talent or potential;
what is the most important piece of the puzzle?

Experiencethe body of work?
Skill evaluationthings like a NFL or NHL combine testing performance or entrance exam?
Talent & Skillin game evaluation / scouting reports or work reviews?

In sport, you can see what an athlete is capable of while playing in the present setting or via player evaluations like a combine or try out.
In a work or school environment, you can get references, interviews with peers, bosses and teachers (we do the same in sport).

We have a very good grasp on developing skill sets and physical ability but the intangibles a person possesses seem set in stone and have previously been regarded as un-trainable or “natural” characteristics an individual either has or does not.

But….. what if I told you that we all have the ability to train, develop and master the intangibles!
What if I told you the intangibles are trainable? In fact very trainable.

The intangibles – those things that exist behind the curtain – the traits that make us who we are.

Some call it Character – but I think it’s much more than that.
It’s Aggressiveness, Patience or Self-Control. It’s – Compete Levels, Intelligence, Coachability, it’s Perseverance, Mind Set & GRIT…….

GRIT, it turns out, may be one of the most important key traits for predicting future success in any endeavor.
But in order to evaluate or even identify GRIT you need to understand what GRIT is all about.
So I set out to do exactly that.

In this episode of Krush Performance Radio we are joined by Angela Duckworth, Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Pennsylvania – Scientific director of the Character Lab, and Author of the Bestseller GRIT: The Power of Passion & Perseverance
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We discuss:
What exactly is Character?
Is GRIT the character trait that trumps all others?
And, how GRIT trumps talent and IQ when it comes to success.

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I look forward to your comments & if you like what you hear please pass this on to everyone you know. I believe it’s an important conversation.
Be sure to check out Angel’s TED Talk as well- it’s a must watch for all of our athletes and clients:
GRIT: power of passion and perseverance


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