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Welcome to Krush TV, the video hub for Human Performance Information.

Our collection of news interviews, show segments and instructional videos are set up to inform, inspire and educate as we work to share the facts and separate the myths and misconceptions.  Get information about the psychology of top performers in sport  & business, exercise, hydration, sleep, concussions, nutrition, obesity and drugs in sport, just to name a few.
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Sleep and the effects on Health

Find out how much sleep we should really be getting

Health Benefits related to Exercise

How to fit exercise into your busy schedule

Effects of Hot Weather

How to Avoid Heat Stroke

Top Gifts for Your Athlete

We let you know our top picks

Sticking to Your Resolution

Find out how to be Successful

Breakfast- Why is it so Important?

Find out Why & What to Eat

Praise- What does it mean to your Child

Can it be detrimental to our child’s future growth & development?

Specialization & Self Selection in Sport for Kids

Should kids play 1 sport or is there a benefit to letting kids play a few??

Concussion in Sport