Have you ever just flat out wanted to get really good at something?

 Have you ever wondered why some people achieve and others don’t?

Or why chasing down your dream feels like it is just out of reach.

I’m Jeff Krushell, I’m glad you’re checking our site out as you’re probably
looking for some answers or maybe some interesting things to think about. 

Either way, I’m right there with you.

Krush Performance is based on finding answers to questions and solutions to performance problems. I tell everyone I work with if we don’t have the answers we know someone who does and if we don’t, we’ll damn well find them.

I started my career as a strength and conditioning coach and I soon realized that the physical side of high performance sport was the easy stuff. We can make you stronger, faster, more agile, more durable, leaner and meaner –
all of it – NO PROBLEM.

Then I started to wonder…. why then, if it’s so easy, are so few people performing at a high level?
And the questions began and they continued
and as time passed questions were asked and answered.

Then one day I stopped and realized I had learned a ton of really cool stuff
yet I now had more questions than I started with…its maddening!
I have a post on my bulletin board:
 What I don’t Know Could Fill a Warehouse!
I realized the more I learned the more I needed to know!
So here I am still asking questions, still seeking answers and I’m glad because it
has turned into this really cool thing called Krush Performance.

From athletes to parents to coaches, sales people to top CEO’s
everyone is looking to improve performance.
And let’s face it, I don’t care what you do – Getting Better is FUN!
The Cool thing about performance, it’s made up of basic elements – like the periodic table -all you need to do is combine the right ones in the right way for you and your situation and BOOM there you go.

Being a strength & conditioning coach at the highest level of sport is serious business!
And I take it very seriously, I have a career in my hands, a dream, a championship, a job, livelihood- a way to support a family and that’s as serious as it gets.
And here’s a secret – NO ONE DOES IT ALONE!!

And that’s the essence of a team, a bunch of people brought together to get results!
I would lose sleep if players were injured, I would dig for the science and strategies to improve performance and as much as I would try to teach, coach, steer, console, drive, encourage, discipline and help people achieve their goals I can only hope
that everyone has learned as much from me as I have from them.

GOOD is the Problem and GREAT is the GOAL

Jeff Krushell, the founder of Krush Performance

Talent Development Specialist &
Organizational Performance Consultant

Jeff Krushell is regarded as a noted expert in human performance and talent development. Through his work he has gained unique insights into the process of improving performance… ‘It’s a human thing’.

Jeff is an accomplished entrepreneur in radio, television and in print where he has forged relationships not just with athletes but internationally renowned sport elitists, coaches, sport scientists, doctors, business specialist and researchers, all of who are constantly pushing the boundaries of human performance.

In his time as a renown Strength and Conditioning Specialist working with professional sport organizations in baseball, football, NHL, elite developmental programs, Olympic athletes and agents, Krushell has worked developmental magic in the trenches of athlete and organizational performance. His contribution to numerous national olympic committees and global game development with the MLB International program has been invaluable, helping support organizations across Europe, Africa, Canada, the USA and New Zealand.

Over the last 25 years Jeff has worked in the world of high performance sport guiding athletes of all levels tap into their potential to truly understand what it is like to achieve Human Maximum Performance. Engineering his unique blend of sport science and training techniques with the holy grail of success; ‘motivation’, Jeff’s expertise lies in creating the next generation of top performers.

There are underlying themes and systematic approaches for getting good, even great at a skill or talent, the challenge, is putting together a Performance Plan that works and operates in flux of real time. Jeff coaches and teaches performance methodologies worldwide at conferences, sport organizations, businesses and national level committees. The key to success lies within the fundamental and strategic steps needed to get control, get focused and get results. Performance Planning that transcends from sport to business, academics and music,  anywhere people are working toward a goal to simple Get Better.

Jeff is the founder of Krush Performance where he shares his passion and philosophy for talent development and clean sport in his podcast and blog. Parents, coaches, athletes and organizations can be inspired and motivated with the plethora of hot topics & solutions to performance, mental training, nutrition, coaching tools and the ‘Krush War on Sugar’.
Jeff’s message relates to all levels of human performance and is not exclusive to sport.

•  Founder and Host of The Krush Performance Show aired on www.RadioInfluence.com &
TSN 1260 Edmonton
•  Current Talent Development Specialist & Organizational Performance Consultant for MLB            International
•  Current Talent Development & Organizational Performance Consultant for Vauxhall Baseball      Academy
•  Former Strength and Conditioning coach for the Toronto Blue Jays
•  Former Strength and Conditioning coach for the Edmonton Eskimos
•  Over the last 25 years trained a number of Olympic & World Class Athletes
•  Continues consulting athletes and organizations
•  Former Performance Consultant for Link Management Athlete Agency
•  Performance Consultant for CTV, Edmonton

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