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 Halloween Edition

This week the Krush Performance War on Sugar rages on
And just in time for Halloween. Listen Here

In this Episode we are joined by Loreen Wales of Revive Wellness and Dr. Yoni Freedhoff, founder of Ottawa’s nonsurgical Bariatric Institute and author of the Krush Must Read: “The Diet Fix”.

We are going to look further into the devastating impact sugar is having on our daily health.
But we are not going at this like the Grinch that Stole Halloween – quite the opposite.
Go have fun fill up those candy bags that’s what Halloween is all about.

Let’s turn Halloween into a teachable moment for our kids, we’ll go over some great strategies for dealing with the pounds and pounds of candy and how you can really get a really solid sugar discussion going with your kids.

We’ll talk about what we should be doing the rest of the year and look at a fantastic new corporate health & Wellness program.

Sugar Tax –  what are the upside or downsides as the Halloween season is now upon us.

Halloween is an industry unto itself how much money do you think is spent each year on Halloween.
It’s a MASSIVE number and we’ll let you know in this War on Sugar Episode of Krush Performance.
Listen to the Krush War on Sugar episode
Happy Halloween


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