The Sport Matrix

The Most Powerful Athlete Sport Performance Program

I have helped hundreds of athletes pursue their dreams of playing professional sport in both getting there & staying there.
To have a long & successful career in sport we need to address the ATHLETE before the PLAYER.

Strength & Conditioning is only one factor in building a long & successful career in sport, so much more is involved. All aspects of athlete development need to be addressed and this is exactly what the Sport Matrix is all about. The Sport Matrix will give you a holistic view of talent development and skill acquisition. Some of the topics we focus on are athlete management, nutrition, sleep, body posture, mindset & confidence, building a performance team Рgetting the right people on board and really learning how to manage your career from start to finish.

Putting these Pieces Together & Knowing How to Manage Your Career is All Powerful… Greatness is Up for Grabs!


The Sport Matrix will give a clear & concise plan to move your Athletic Career forward with well defined purpose & laser focused intent.


Many of my athletes have said to me:
“If only I had known about this years ago, how good could I be now?”

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Do you feel like time is running out and your window of opportunity is closing in around you?
Are you dedicated, training harder & longer and still not getting the results you want or even feel like you are going backwards?
Are you frustrated bouncing from program to program looking for the answers & you just can’t find what you need?
Are you tired of injuries setting your career back?
Or maybe you want to extend your career but you just don’t know how.


If you are serious about your athletic career & maximizing your potential,
you are in the right place.


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“Think Like an Athlete”